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Folding-Fin Aerial Rocket


US military Warheads[edit]

DesignationDescriptionFuzing Options
XM80Submunition warhead w/ 32 XM100 CS canistersUnknown, believed to have an integral fuze
XM99Submunition warhead w/ 32 XM100 CS canisters; simplified XM80Unknown, believed to have an integral fuze
M151High Explosive (HE)1,3,4,5
M152High Explosive (HE) w/ red smoke marker1,3,4,5
M153High Explosive (HE) w/ yellow smoke marker1,3,4,5
M156White Phosphorus (WP)1,3,4,5
XM157Red smoke; unknown compound1,3,4,5
XM158Yellow smoke; unknown compound1,3,4,5
M247High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT)/High-Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP)2 (Integral to Warhead)
M257Parachute Illumination5 (Integral to Warhead)
Mk 67 Mod 0White Phosphorus (WP)1,3,4,5
Mk 67 Mod 1Red Phosphorus (RP)1,3,4,5
WDU-4/AAPERS warhead w/ unknown number of flechettes of unknown weight11 (Integral to Warhead)

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