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The MiG-29s were put into service with the 127th Fighter Aviation Squadron, based at Batajnica Air Base, north of Belgrade, Serbia.[91]

 Yugoslav MiG-29s saw little combat during the breakup of Yugoslavia, and were used primarily for ground attacks. Several Antonov An-2 aircraft used by Croatia were destroyed on the ground at Čepin airfield near Osijek, Croatia in 1991 by a Yugoslav MiG-29, with no MiG-29 losses.[92] At least two MiG-29s carried out an air strike on Banski Dvori, the official residence of the Croatian Government, on 7 October 1991.[93]

The MiG-29s continued their service in the subsequent Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Because of the United Nations arms embargo against the country, the condition of the MiG-29s worsened as aircraft where not maintained according to rules and general overhaul scheduled for 1996 and 1997 was not conducted.[94]

Six MiG-29s were shot down during the NATO intervention in the Kosovo War, three by USAF F-15s, one by a USAF F-16, and one by a Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16.[95][96] However, one aircraft, according to its pilot, was hit by friendly fire from the ground.[97] Another four were destroyed on the ground.[98] One Argentine source claims that a MiG-29 shot down an F-16 on 26 March 1999,[99] but this kill is disputed, as the F-16C in question was said to have crashed in the US that same day.[100]

5 of 5 Stars!    Review by   Akii  (Posted on Thursday 30 May, 2024)

Very good however the r77s were out of stock so we lost most of our mig29s to amraams :(

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