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LS is an abbreviation for a family of Chinese built precision-guided munitions (PGM) named Thunder Stone Precision Guided Bomb LS PGB is actually an upgrade kit to modernize gravity bombs with precision / laser guidance, with the kit consisted of two modules, the guidance module and the gliding module.

 Requires a MK-82 to make a complete bomb. 

developed by Luoyang Electro-Optics Technology Development Centre (EOTDC), a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC).[1] Alternatively, the LS PGB is also referred to by its gliding capability, as Thunder Stone Gliding Guided Bomb (Chinese雷石滑翔制导炸弹 Léi-shí Huáxiáng Zhì-dǎo Zhàdàn), or LS GGB. The guidance design of LS PGB is also adopted for another family of Chinese PGM, the YZ series, such as YZ-102 series. These PGMs are referred to in China as precision guided bombs (PGB).

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